HR and organisational development

HealthCorp Partners serves the healthcare sectorin Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We recruit candidates to fill critical roles in every department, provide targeted developement for teams and staff, and design organisational frameworks to help talent thrive.


HR and organisational development

"Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” said Alice in Wonderland. “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to”, said the cat.

Outstanding experts and executives can make all the difference to a company’s growth. But their efforts have to actually reverberate within the organisation. Motivation needs direction in order to be effective, and talent needs the right environment to reach its potential. That’s why the target structure and long-term vision of an organisation is of vital importance.

It’s crucial for zeroing in a search, finding the right individuals and creating the optimum conditions for them to succeed in. And it’s crucial, too, for accessing untapped potential within the existing team – potential that could make the difference in a transformation process.

Organizational Assessment & Development

Adapting to new strategies, regulatory guidelines and business models requires reviewing the process, team and work structures. New hires can't succeed until the organisational framework conditions, skills profiles, interfaces and industry requirements are optimally aligned. Because leaders need the right environment in order to operate effectively.

At the same time, a comprehensive organisational analysis based on the corporate strategy is also required for a targeted search; to find the right people for the job, you first have to know what skills, abilities and characteristics will be needed in the future.

HealthCorp Partners has decades of experience in the analysis and further development of organisational structures of pharma companies, biotech companies, hospitals and medtech companies.

We combine accurate knowledge of regulatory requirements, processes, business models and cultural particularities in the healthcare industry with highly developed methodical expertise.

This is what makes us a capable and effective partner in the transformation and further development of any healthcare organisation.

Future Teams & Talents

Transformation processes like tapping into new markets, changing a business model or establishing a start-up involve complex strategic issues for human resource management.

Part of the focus has to be on the structure of the future team, integrating it into the overall organisation and defining the necessary functions, skills and experience within the new groups. At the same time it’s also crucial to consider staff members who could meet the future requirements – both in the new team structures and the existing ones.

HealthCorp Partners helps pharma companies, biotech companies, hospitals and medical device suppliers to assemble the kind of teams that can tackle radically new business challenges with ease. We find talented candidates whose individual abilities, attributes, experience and cultural leanings are in line with the organisation’s future strategic goals and help them integrate and grow within the organisation.

Compensation & Expatriate Management

Healthcare organisations are routinely confronted by human resources issues requiring specialised expertise. This includes the development of competitive, tailored and performance-oriented salary structures optimally adapted to the job profile.

This issue is one of the main trouble spots in the hiring process. It’s especially relevant when it comes to uncommon specialised roles, when a hire is needed due to special circumstances or when an international search focus is required. In such cases, the organisation almost always lacks the necessary empirical knowledge to find the right solution.

Equally complex is the issue of labour and tax law-related constraints when a candidate must be hired from abroad. Providing the candidates with competent guidance early on is often a critical factor in the hiring process.

At HealthCorp Partners, we're highly experienced with developing salary structures as well as advising executives and specialists considering a position abroad.

We’ll make sure that these complex issues don’t become a stumbling block in the hiring process.





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