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HealthCorp Partners serves the healthcare sectorin Germany, Austria and Switzerland. We recruit candidates to fill critical roles in every department, provide targeted developement for teams and staff, and design organisational frameworks to help talent thrive.


Executive Search

A cookbook is no substitute for a head chef. Just the same, databases and social media are no substitute for executive search experts.

We offer our clients uncompromising service – no cutting corners. For one thing, this means that our search doesn’t begin until we’ve acquired a precise understanding of the strategy, structure, market situation and cultural particularities of the organisation and developed a clear objective with our customer.

After that, it means initiating a high quality, well-grounded search process that meets the expectations of both the company and the top candidates.

We always start with a comprehensive background check. Our general strategy is to compile a customised target list of preselected candidates and contact them directly. Later on, our seasoned consultants conduct two interviews in order to assess not only how qualified the candidates are but also how culturally compatible and motivated they are for potential employers. Finally, we compile detailed analysis reports on each candidate we present. It’s a demanding process. But you have high standards, and so do we.


The top controlling and governing bodies of a company can’t be recruited by a standard process. Particularly in the healthcare sector, management, supervisory and administrative board members are expected to meet very high and wide-ranging criteria.

Candidates must be capable of overseeing the company’s strategic and operational challenges, as well as have extensive experience based on a long and successful career. They need to be culturally compatible and have access to networks and ecosystems strategically significant for the company’s growth and development.

Most of all, trust and integrity form the indispensable foundation for assembling an effective board.

HealthCorp Partners recruits the talented members that healthcare companies and organisations need for their top supervisory and governing boards. Following an intensive joint analysis, we develop objectives and detailed scenarios. Relying especially on our personal network, we identify those individuals who could give a decisive strategic direction to the future development of the organisation.


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Developing focussed strategic visions and effectively incorporating them into operational implementation is especially challenging in the healthcare industry.

The main reasons for this are the technological, regulatory and structural complexity of the markets, vast amount knowledge required and the high risk associated with the business and operating models, for one thing.

And for another, leadership positions in the pharma, medical device and biotech industries, in hospitals and healthcare companies require special technical know-how and the ability to combine highly specialised management expertise with leadership skills.

Finally, the structure, business model, strategic focus and size of a healthcare organisation have a significant impact on the profile of its potential executive team. When HealthCorp Partners looks for members to join leadership teams in the healthcare industry, we rely on our experience, detailed knowledge of the industry and an international network developed over decades. That’s how we bring start-ups, medium-sized firms, specialised hospitals and global corporations the right talent to capably tackle the challenges they face.

Top Specialists & Experts

The healthcare sector is not only extremely skill-intensive – it’s also highly specialised and highly regulated. For some roles, only a small number of specialists can even be considered. Pharma companies, biotech companies, hospitals, medical device suppliers and other players in the healthcare sector need to have outstanding experts on board in order to be successful and competitive

More than that, where critical, high-level, specialised skills are required, a vacancy can become a question of future viability.

In the global competition for the best experts in R&D, IT, production, compliance, sales and SCM, just to name a few, HealthCorp Partners gives healthcare companies the support they need.

We connect our clients with the right specialists in any discipline.

The secret is our extensive knowledge of the industry-specific, dynamic regulatory environment and thorough understanding of the specific organisation types, work processes and professional requirements.

That’s why we’re the go-to source when it comes to filling crucial and demanding specialist positions in healthcare.