HR consulting for other major players within healthcare

The effectiveness of a healthcare system is not measured by the number of intensive care beds, doctors, nurses or available medical products alone.

Just as important as these operational areas are the administrative functions running in the background. Health insurance funds, private medical insurances, guilds and associations of registered physicians make up the invisible backbone of our healthcare system. As such, they face enormous challenges.

With the increase of regulatory standards, treatment methods and supranational bodies, there is also a rising need for administration and negotiation between the various players in the healthcare market. This signifies a greater demand for experienced specialists on national healthcare systems capable of developing viable solutions at the intersection of finance, politics and the public sector, thus enabling the healthcare system to operate. That’s where HealthCorp Partners come into play.

At approx. 370 billion EUR , the healthcare industry makes up more than 12% of Germany’s gross domestic product.

In addition to major sectors like medical product and drug manufacture as well as inpatient and outpatient treatment, this also includes a number of wider services and players who likewise contribute (sometimes in the background) to value creation – health insurance funds, private medical insurances, guilds, associations of registered physicians or other service providers in the healthcare system like rehab centres or other providers in the healhtcare sector.

Experts for the “indirect segments” of the healthcare sector

The various commercial, legal and political ties and dependencies between private and public parties in the healthcare system have led to the formation and professionalisation of a number of specialised services. Examples include the processing of health services, political lobbying and legal consultation.

Depending on the sector, this might require extensive knowledge of administrative processes and structures as well as a wide network, in addition to medical expertise. For this, the healthcare system needs not only excellent leaders but also experienced arbitrators and highly specialised experts.

HealthCorp Partners finds the trailblazers of the various healthcare systems

The healthcare system is extremely complex. The interplay of public policy, complex regulation and scientific, technological and commercial aspects requires a clear focus and an intimate knowledge of the actors involved.

HealthCorp Partners consultants have been in the game for decades. And that’s how we're able to find the perfect experts and leaders for every high-level position in healthcare.

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