HR consulting for biotechnology

Biotechnology raises hopes for radically innovative solutions to the challenges of the future.

At the intersection of biology, high-tech and digitalization, we’ve witnessed the creation of new business models and even entire markets that would have seemed unimaginable only a few years ago. Red, green and white biotechnology is highly dynamic and complex, marked by very short technology life cycles and extreme specialisation.

In this young industry, we find little in the way of commodities but a good deal of experimentation. For companies in the biotech sector, innovative and sophisticated interfacing skills are crucial for success. HealthCorp Partners help you identify and attract experts with particularly rare skills sets. After all, the future isn’t going to build itself.

Big data, artificial intelligence and miniaturisation are pushing biotechnology forward at a rapid pace and turning it into the biggest technology of the next industrial revolution.

And when it comes to bio-innovation, highly specialised, lean and new companies form the tip of the spear. Yet the development processes in this sector are cost-intensive and high-risk.

Extreme, globally sought-after know-how is therefore just as critical for success as the ability to find capable partners to help guide the company along until its products are market-ready.

To tackle this challenge, you need the right talent on your team.

Top experts on disruption and uncertainty

In biotechnology, business models and products can be enormously complex and disruptive. At the same time, biotech is also a entrepreneurial high-risk zone.

That’s why project success depends on experts and managerial teams that are both internationally experienced and outstanding specialists in their fields. On the other hand, they also need to be able to handle uncertainty. As a result, companies already need the kind of staff that they can’t yet afford.

HealthCorp Partners finds the trailblazers of the biotech industry

Biotech is a versatile industry. Whether it’s for a global corporate group or a disruptive start-up, we find executives with just the right combination of management skills, technical knowledge and innovative power to turn your company vision into reality.

Some of our references:

  • Morphosys
  • Celegen
  • Neovii Biotech