Sales boost through weight loss injections

“Analysts at Morgan Stanley assume that sales of syringes will rise to 77 billion dollars by 2030.”

Hardly any other industry has to reconcile as many perspectives as the pharmaceutical industry. It is as much about cutting-edge research, pandemic control, regulations and supply chain issues as it is about lifestyle, demographics and wellbeing. All of this in a constantly changing environment and at the highest level of international competition.

Strategic personnel planning and business alliances at the top level are essential to remain competitive in a competitive environment characterised by mergers and acquisitions. In addition, changing market conditions and scientific findings require proactive adaptability.

Top executives in the pharmaceutical industry are faced with complex challenges, having to manage the balancing act between lifestyle and medically relevant products. This requires a deep understanding of regulatory requirements, the disruptive innovation of high-quality medicines and therapies, adherence to strict ethical standards and compliance requirements as well as the ability to communicate across cultures.

Our experts support companies in finding precisely those top executives who not only dare to perform this balancing act, but also perceive such challenges as a healthy balance – as their individual medicine, so to speak.


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