HR consulting for hospitals

The landscape of the hospital industry has felt the impact of demographic change as well as growing competition and increasingly complex legal, economic and technological framework conditions.

Combining advanced medicine with financial success, leading-edge medical research and a comprehensive scientific network is therefore no simple task. Large healthcare organisations have significant advantages in this change process. Nonetheless, they are facing tougher and tougher international competition for the top physicians, researchers, technology and management specialists and medical staff.

Smaller providers, on the other hand, are becoming less relevant and facing financial difficulties and skills shortages and having difficulty attracting potential senior physicians and heads of department. Based on many years of experience, HealthCorp Partners understands the myriad of wide-ranging challenges involved in recruiting healthcare professionals. We find the right solutions – whether it’s for leading hospitals, specialised treatment centres or localhospitals.



Here at HealthCorp Partners, we've mastered the art of perfect matching. Our counsellors have decades of experience in the healthcare, hospital, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical technology sectors.

These days, hospitals are expected to do quite the balancing act. On the one hand, they have to ensure high-quality treatment and be able to demonstrate the legally required case figures.

On the other, they’re struggling to secure their profitability and long-term financing. For this, they rely on highly qualified medical, administrative and technical staff. Yet they're faced with a highly strained labour market marked by serious competition – especially if they don’t boast one of the biggest names or an especially attractive location.

Top talent for hospitals

These days, ambitious and dedicated physicians and managers looking to start a career at a hospital expect an environment that’s optimally suited to their personal development.

Yet more and more hospitals are struggling to meet these expectations, due to falling base rates, tighter budgets, inefficient processes or poor integration of care, management and medicine. This makes the search for talent especially difficult and, in the medium term, even a question of survival.

HealthCorp Partners finds the trailblazers of the hospital sector

HealthCorp Partners recruits leaders who think integratively and cross-departmentally, who understand the technical and strategic challenges of the healthcare sector and are familiar with the cultural particularities of the various hospital structures.

Some of our references:

  • SRH Sigmaringen
  • Waldburg-Zeil Kliniken
  • Kepler Universität Linz
  • Klinikum Oldenburg
  • Oberschwabenklinik
  • Krankenhaus Agatharied
  • Universitätsmedizin Mainz
  • Medizin Campus Bodensee