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    Pharma CIO – Conservative revolutionary wanted!


    Digitalization in the pharma industry has radically transformed the profile of a CIO. How do you find leaders who feel equally at home in the new world and the old?

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    A hospital is only as good as its staff. What happens if it can’t find any?


    The Charité university hospital in Berlin employs 4,000 doctors and researches, working at 100 clinics and institutes. As the most renowned hospital in Germany, they have no shortage of staff. At most of the other 1,942 hospitals in the country, it’s a different story.

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    This biotech start-up is going to save the world - once they find a Head of R&D!


    The next industrial revolution will be organic. Biological micromachines can protect us from environmental destruction, resource shortages, hunger and disease. At the state level, we're prepared with a biotech agenda. The only thing missing is the bio-programmers.

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    Policy can create markets. In the medical device sector, it can also destroy markets.

    Medical Device Industry

    The EU’s Medical Device Regulation Ordinance should help to bolster public trust in the safety of medical products. Now, we just have to make sure that medical products will still be available. For that, the industry needs experts capable of implementing MDR requirements. And, of course, the EU does as well.

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    The healthcare system needs creative minds – in the foreground and in the background.

    Other Players within Healthcare

    Behind every patient treated is a network of complex administrative structures, maped out and operated by experienced healthcare system specialists. Most of them stay in the background, which could be precisely the reason they’re so hard to find.

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What we do

HealthCorp Partners is one of the leading executive search consultancies in the German-speaking world within healthcare.

We find talented leaders for every type of pharma, biotechnology, medical device industry, hospitals and other healthcare organisations.


Focus, network, passion and experience – these are your secrets to success when you work with HealthCorp Partners.

Healthcare is our world, and the HealthCorp Partners team has been watching this world evolve for decades. Before joining our team, they held top positions in the healthcare sector. Today, they’re putting that experience to use as executive search consultants. What does that mean? We understand precisely who our customers are looking for and why they need these leaders and experts.

This pertains to the strategic, operational and specialised requirements for the position to be filled. It’s also relevant for the cultural, organisational and political framework conditions, which are often complex and nearly always critical for success. As we search both our own network and the markets of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, it is this deep insight into the structures, business models and challenges of the healthcare sector that enable us to find the candidates who don’t just look good on paper but are able to reach their full potential in their new role.


I believe that a successful long-term executive hire relies on the interplay of the candidate’s skills and expertise, vision for the future, culture and personality. Enabling this perfect matching is our mission at HealthCorp Partners
Claudia E. Gschwind
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One of the top prerequisites for a successful executive search project is having a thorough understanding of the market and the strategic challenges that our clients face. That’s where our work really begins.
Jürgen Stoll
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To identify true high performers, integrate them into a team and motivate them for the long term, is an art that requires a lot of experience. This is also the obvious standard for successful companies.
Dr. Patrik Scholler
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It takes more than talent, skills and motivation. More than anyone, ambitious top candidates need the kind of organisational environment that allows them to utilise their full potential in every respect. As a personnel consultant, it’s my job to find this environment.
Alexandra Krahl
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What a company needs is a question that can be answered analytically. But whom a company needs is a question that requires just the right mixture of experience, market familiarity and intuition.
Franz Landsberger
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Even within the biggest organisations with the most complex structures, people always work for and with each other. It is their attitude that determines what can and will be achieved. The more this attitude is palpable, the better our work as HR consultants becomes.
Claus Goworr
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The way that personnel strategy, processes and organisation interact is especially complex in the healthcare industry. Our success depends on achieving the perfect interplay of these aspects.
Richard Güttler
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